Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back in business! Well... sorta.

Sorry for the lack of content as of late. I've actually been in the middle of a move to good ole Virginia Beach! I've been here just a little over a week now and things are finally settled. Unfortunately, my internet predicament is not...

The good news is that we'll be getting Verizon FIOS here on the third of the month. Unfortunately that's, oh, about a week and a half away. Until then I'll be severely limited in my functionality and that's a bummer. At least I found a job though and I plan on updating a bit more frequently once all this gets ironed out.

A couple of things I've been wanted to do are in the works as well. My old video stuff is practically destroyed so I'll soon be grabbing a new set of stuff to, hopefully, start my foray into the video reviewing world again. I'm also thinking about grabbing a low budget camera so I can get some of my physical being this time around.

Anyhow, thanks for listening and I can't wait to continue writing. It can only get better from here.

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