Monday, July 11, 2011

Top 7 Donkey Kong Country remix tunes

Donkey Kong Country is a treasure buried beneath the rubble that remains of the old Rare studio. Arguably one of the best platformers for the SNES, Donkey Kong Country was armed with charm, addictive gameplay, and some of the catchiest tunes you'd ever heard, and that - often - you couldn't stop humming. Today, we celebrate the Donkey Kong days of yore with some of the best contemporary versions of those classic songs.

Donkey Kong Country 3 was definitely a good game, but when compared to the seminal first title and the legendary sequel, Diddy's Kong Quest, it pales significantly. Saying that, the real reason no music from that game is on this list is because of one inarguable circumstance: David Wise. The very talented composer actually didn't have a real role in the music of that game, but it's alright - we'll always have the first and second games to immortalise his talents.

If you'd like some of these songs just head over to OCRemix. They're awesome.

Enough talk, though: have at you!

7: Pickin' Out the Fleas

By Sixto Sounds. Swanky Kong's barrel planes were bizarre, yes, but there's nothing wrong with this rockin' tune. Created to Swanky's Theme, it's a perfect mixture of rad and rock. Just listen to that guitar solo!

6: This Chase is Haunted (Haunted Chase)

By Prince of Darkness. Who could forget the skullcart rides in Donkey Kong Country 2? If you were a small child when playing this game, that huge Kremling ghost chasing you was the scariest thing next to fruits and vegetables.

5: Monkeys Disarm Your Kremlings

By Nekofrog. This one is a bit heavier, but it represents the boss battles of the second game. Remember the tune Crocodile Cacophony? Yeah, it doesn't get much better than this. Well... you know what I mean.

4: Castle Crescendo (Krook's March)

By Sole Signal. This is where it gets hard. I mean really hard. One of the best remix tracks I've ever heard, this one focuses on the later castle levels of the second game. It's literally a symphony of sound, and orgasmic to the ears.

3: Thrash the Plank

By SnappleMan. Paying a homage to the final boss music of the first game, Thrash the Plank is an instant Donkey Kong classic. That is, if you like your music with a side-order of cold steel and intense beats.

2: Re-Skewed

By David Wise. The main man himself had to make some kind of appearance. It is all his music after all, but Mr Wise took it upon himself to make a remix of his own track, just for OCRemix. Now that is fan service, and what I like to call "pure gold."

1: Beneath the Canopy (Forest Interlude)

By Fishy. Forest Interlude was an incredibly atmospheric track in Diddy's Kong Quest, but this one takes the entire banquet. It may not have the raw energy or chaotic rhythms of the other songs, but this one doesn't need it. The melodies within are mind-meltingly entrancing. I dare you to listen and tell me I'm wrong.

That about wraps up our countdown of the best Donkey Kong remixes we've heard. There are surely plenty of others out there, so feel free to post your favourites in the comments.

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