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Top 20 games of E3 2012 we want revealed but never will be

E3 comes around every year, affixing its unshakable grasp on gamers everywhere. It's hard not to get excited as this is the convention where all the major titles and surprises are usually revealed. Of course, that means everything you're expecting and totally unsuspecting could jump out at any time, you just never know.

But what about the games you've always wanted to be revealed? I'm not talking about your current Gears of War or Uncharted sequels, I'm talking titles from the forgotten crypts of the industry. Games who've been lost to time, poor sales, or just never were fully explored. These are the 20 games we'd love to see announced at E3, but know that despite wishing as hard as we can, will never, ever actually happen.

Maybe they could... someday.

20: Okami 2

Let's start out with the obvious; Okami. If you haven't played this game yet, you're probably one of the reasons it sold so poorly and we hate you for it. Seriously.

This was Clover Studios swan song, before Capcom closed its doors permanently and with it any chance of seeing an evolution of a perfected Zelda-esque adventure. Do yourself a favour and pick up a copy, your soul will be all the better for it. Maybe then you'll understand the mortal sin you committed by not giving it a chance. As for any chance of a sequel, I'm still crying myself to sleep.

19: Gradius VI

Iconic as it may be, the Vic Viper hasn't flown in quite some time. Gradius V released back on the Playstation 2 in the fall of 2004 and hasn't seen true action since. Perhaps that's because Gradius V kicked enough gamer ass to make them hate the boss design, but therein lies the passion behind the game; sadism.

Konami needs to make another true entry to the franchise but they need to keep it as cut-throat as the fifth installment. I mean, if you took too long on Gradius V's bosses they'd just leave. That's right, they'd take off because you just weren't worth the time or the effort. Gradius VI needs to happen, but it won't. Konami's too scared.

18: Final Fantasy VI remake

Remake, remastering, whatever it is, the world can never have enough FFVI and needs more of it - now. Arguably the greatest Final Fantasy ever created (I stand by that), Square-Enix refuses to acknowledge the fans' cries for a true remake and avoids the issue. The thing is, Square-Enix has been slowly remaking the games in order and FFVI is coming up rather fast. Hear this Square-Enix; we don't want a chibi, DS version of the game we played years ago. We want a fully developed game akin to the Final Fantasy VII stage demo we saw at E3 all those years ago.

We'll eventually get FFVI HD or whatever, but why not go a step up for one of the greatest games ever made? Yeah, I highly doubt this would ever happen, but... you never know.

17: Shenmue 3 remake

Many regard Yu Suzuki as a genius and a legend. After all, he is the mastermind behind the Shenmue series. However, after everything that's happened and the time that's passed, it's tough to even picture another Shenmue game in current generation form. Still, if it was somehow announced it could literally cause riots on the showroom floor. Riots.

Alas, it's just never going to happen; or is it?

16: Vectorman remake

Remember this dude? Having the experience of two solid games, the third never saw the light of day. While we don't exactly need a sequel, it'd be amazing to see Vectorman back in action. Just, not in generic third-person shooter form.

Unfortunately it doesn't look like enough gamers are interested in seeing Vectorman resurrected. That really needs to change. I say take the route of what Double Dragon: Neon is doing, but I've been wrong before. Well, not really.

15: Mirror's Edge 2

I'm still bitter about this. Years ago, EA announced they were, in fact, working on a sequel to the original title and reluctantly canceled it. Apparently the franchise is still important to EA, but it's been four years without so much as a whisper to where Mirror's Edge 2 stands. With such an original concept, EA would be a fool to just forget about this title. Alas, while I think we might someday see the sequel find its way onto store shelves, I fear it won't be anytime soon.

14: The Secret of Mana 3

The original Secret of Mana is a game close to my heart. Containing some of the best action-oriented combat in the RPGs of yore, even its music was addictive, reeling you into its maw of awesome. Why then did we never see a sequel? Well, we actually did, it just wasn't officially released outside of Japan. Saying that, the Mana series has gone off the deep end and desperately needs to return to its roots.

Would you kill for Secret of Mana 3? You know I would, but then it would just be murder for nothing because it's never going to come out. For this one, I can only dream.

13: Shadow of the Colossus 2

Why isn't this game being made? Seriously. Shadow of the Colossus was released in 2005, seven years ago. Seven. Let that sink in. Captivating, atmospheric, beautiful and above all else, original, Shadow of the Colossus isn't something the industry needs to forget about. Sure, the team is working on The Last Guardian and how well is that working out for them? An abyss only goes so far, I think.

12: Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos remake

Cool as an HD remake of all the classic Ninja Gaiden games would be, I want a fully remade title of the greatest Ninja Gaiden of all-time; Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos. Call the subtitle what you want, but this game was badass back in the day and still plays great in the present. Forget about the terrible direction the contemporary Ninja Gaiden is going, this is what the franchise needs to get back on track.

Too bad they'll never take my advice.

11: Pokemon MMO

Yes, yes there's a Pokemon MMO out there already, but a true MMO still ceases to exist. What I mean is, Pokemon doesn't have an official, fully backed MMO with actual quality behind it like the MMOs we've been seeing (TERA, The Old Republic). Could you imagine playing online with millions of other people in a graphically impressive, fully realized Pokemon MMO? I can see it now:

AshDude6969: Hey kid, I'ma bust your ass with Squirtle's bubble beam.
HappyChristmasAngel1: I'm telling my mom!
AshDude6969: ...She hot?

Even still, I'd love to see this happen but Nintendo... please wake up.

10: Battletoads remake

Double Dragon: Neon is looking sharp and is a hell of a lot of fun, but it brings up a question I can't seem to shake from my cranium; where is Battletoads? Sadly, I don't think developers realize how intriguing these football, brawler-esque frog dudes truly were. This mentality means making a sequel, remake, or reimagining a distant, distant wish.

9: Oddworld 3

Abe's Oddysee and Exodus were fantastic, exploratory sidescrollers with intriguing puzzles and intelligent humour. The franchise has going deep into 3D territory, but it's time now to come back. Much like I suggested with The Secret of Mana, Oddworld needs Abe back in the 2D saddle. More importantly, we need Abe back where he belongs. It's for the good of all gaming.

8: Wing Commander reboot

I'm a space-sim addict as well as an advocate for its revival. For too long have we been deprived of our great space-sims and it's time for one of the greats to make a comeback. Picking a favourite Wing Commander is an impossible task, but I most vividly remember Wing Commander Prophecy and its mini-expansion, Secret Ops. At this point, I'll take anything, but I doubt the industry feels the same way as I do.

7: Legacy of Kain reboot

It's been rumoured for some time now, but until I see trailers, gameplay and an official confirmation this is going to remain one of my top games I desperately want to see make a comeback. The story behind The Legacy of Kain series is impressive and, being missing since Defiance released in 2003, its presence in contemporary gaming is as well. Revive this game at E3 Square-Enix and you'll have proven that I was wrong about at least one of the games on this list. Gaming will be a better place with more Raziel and Kain anyway.

6: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night 2

You're reading the words of a die-hard Castlevania fan (the sidescroller kind, mind you). Konami has explored seemingly every avenue a new Castlevania can go. Thankfully cart racing hasn't entered the fray yet, but unless they can find an answer to the slowly stagnating 'Vania formula they may as well. What am I saying? The answer to all the problems rests in a sequel to one of the most beloved games of all-time, Symphony of the Night. All Konami needs to do is bring Alucard back in Symphony of the Night 2 along with another upside down castle and I guarantee the cash will just flow. I won't even take credit for the suggestion.

5: Super Metroid 2

While we're on topic, just copy everything I said about Symphony of the Night 2. Not the cart racing stuff. That'd be stupid.

4: Knights of the Old Republic 3

With The Old Republic out and entering the MMO scene, it's very unlikely we'll see any KOTOR game for a very long time. However, that should be a rather unintelligent statement seeing as how KOTOR is a single-player game. Do you hear that BioWare? Give us what we really wanted. Oh, and sprinkle in some of your insane cinematics too because, you know, that'd be rad.

3: Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate is receiving a nifty updated version this year and hopefully it'll help renew that old flame for one of the best RPGs ever created. Beamdog has stated their ultimate goal is to get to Baldur's Gate 3, but who knows when that'll be or if it'll even happen. Do your part and pick up Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Version when it launches and maybe, just maybe we can all get something truly worthwhile.

2: Donkey Kong Country 4

Discounting the fact that Donkey Kong Returns was pretty alright, it still isn't the Donkey Kong Country games of old. We need the Kremlings, the DK coins, K. Rool, and... alright everything else from the first and second games. Since it appears Nintendo likes the direction the new game has pointed the series, I sincerely doubt they'll rediscover what made the original games so damned good. Maybe it's a little much to ask for more Donkey Kong in such a drastic way, especially since they just gave us that new game. Actually, no it isn't.

1: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 2

Don't even get me started.

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