Thursday, June 28, 2012

Worms Revolution interview

Strange as the Worms games may seem, there's an amount of depth to them that orchestrates unparalleled humor, strategy and pure fun. Team 17 has been hard at work with the brand new Worms Revolution and, if you're a Worms fan, you'll be happy to know that this new game will return to the roots of the franchise. Even if you have no idea how a Worms game plays, now is the time to dive in as Revolution's newly formed mechanics hopes to help multiply its fan-base.

Worms Revolution interview


According to Team 17's own Nick Clarkson, there hasn't been a Worms game showcased at E3 since 2003. That's a little upsetting for me, but it's obvious Team 17 wants to rekindle that excitement gamers have had for Worms by getting the general public excited about the next game in the series. Revolution will ditch the 3D route the series has taken in order to resurrect the timeless gameplay of the 2D kind. What's even better is that Revolution will feature an engine that was literally built from scratch just for this new game. If that doesn't show Team 17's dedication to making this the best Worms game yet, I don't know what is.

It's organized chaos.

For those that are unaware, Worms is a turn-based strategy game with a multitude of options in fighting your enemies. Of course, Revolution will give plenty of new abilities that will aid in the demolition of your opponents, one of which will be the environment itself. One of the big new environmental changes to the game lies within the water. Now a completely dynamic element of the gameplay, Revolution will allow you to permanently damage the environment so that the elements, like water, can do all the dirty work for you. For instance, if your enemies are on a slope, you can cast a water bomb at them. Upon detonation, the water will collect and fall down the ledge naturally. However, it'll take those worms with it, netting you some easy kills.

Just from glancing at the environments you can certainly appreciate Revolution's style. Worms has always been a colorful game with a whimsical, but semi-serious style; Revolution will be no different. Mr. Clarkson also explained to us that there are random items that are usually left around the environment, each with special properties that could be used against your enemies. Revolution will also be introducing character classes, each with special attributes and gameplay styles. The scout, for example, is fast moving and can jump higher but takes a lot more damage from attacks. The scientists can built things like the Sentry Gun and the heavy is a damage sponge, but moves very slowly. These classes add an interesting dynamic to the mix and allow players to choose how they want to play on an even more personal level.

Water is the bringer of life. Except in this case.

Revolution will contain single-player missions to get you used to how the game is played, but like all Worms games, it's meant to be played with your buddies. Supporting four-player co-operative mayhem, you can bet that's where all the chaos will come into play. Speaking of chaos, Revolution contains 47 weapons and more to come in the impending DLC. We're talking holy hand grenades, sheep that scale mountains and then detonate, water bombs and so much more. For a game that's releasing at $14.99 at the tail end of September, it certainly seems like it's not lacking content.

I'm excited to see Worms come back in a big way and Revolution is looking great. The exaggerated style is always a plus for me and seeing how Team 17 is building everything from the ground up impresses immensely. Come time for its September launch, you can most assuredly count me in.

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