Saturday, August 25, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2: Weekly Challenge - Fire Valley

It's the second week for the Orcs Must Die! 2 weekly challenge and you know what that means... a healthy dosage of orc slaying, that's what! Having survived the first encounter rather gracefully, it appears this time around Robot Entertainment has set us up with a map doused in flames. Funny - that's exactly how I enjoy my orc.

Weekly Challenge Map 2: Fire Valley

When going through my War Mage run of OMD!2, I wasn't a big proponent of the fire abilities. Granted, I loved the Floor Scorcher trap, but I never bothered with the Wall Arrow or the Archer minion fire since I was more of a slowing, ice kinda guy. Saying that, this challenge was actually pretty great.

I love the idea behind these challenges and it's awesome that Robot has taken it upon themselves to create fresh content even though DLC is, in fact, in the works (believe me on this one). Being forced to use traps you've never been comfortable with helps build your resolve and creates different strategies. When I originally tackled this level, I blocked off the whole middle section so I never had to worry about enemies flooding through. Since there's no Barricade available, that's not a possible choice and I find that fantastic.

We'll continue more OMD!2 challenge content as we continue moving forward so stop on back for me soon!

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