Friday, August 17, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2: Weekly Challenge - Flip Em' Off!

In order to keep all the War Mages and Sorceresses out there to continue coming back for more whimsical orc slaughtering (not that you wouldn't anyway) Robot has introduced a new challenge to their latest title, Orcs Must Die! 2. Starting today and every week, the new weekly challenge pits you against the limitless horde in very specific situations. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we're showcasing the event with a wondrous video and a very high score you can't possible overcome. Seriously, don't even try.

Weekly Challenge: Flip 'Em Off!

Oh, and in case you haven't seen it. To the video review!

The weekly challenge throws you into a level from the core game, but puts a spin on it by only allowing certain traps/weapons/trinkets. If you're like me, you already sort of do this when revisiting levels just to see what kind of crazy trap combos you can come up with. It's a neat idea and hey, it can be challenging at that. This particular challenge calls for the Spring Trap and Blunderbuss (if you're playing the War Mage). That's it!

For the foreseeable future, Robot will be unloading new challenges each week. Right now it appears there are three more challenges that are marked with question marks, meaning we'll assuredly have at least three more weeks of fresh content. During the livestream yesterday, Justin Korthof, a community manager at Robot Entertainment, answered some questions regarding the new challenges and said that we'll have to see how many they'll got in store for us. Oh, the tease!

Robot has been a great supporter of their past games well after launch, so hopefully they'll continue that trend by providing even more challenges along with DLC. I'm still partial to the Elves Must Die! mod/game. C'mon! Somebody's got to do it!

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