Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Razing with RaiderZ: Episode 3

Combat is a core element of what makes action MMOs great, but it's nothing without a reason to go and swing that Two-Handed Sword of the Lightning Elders at the angry peasants. In this episode we focus on crafting, classes, skills and we even take you on a tour of Ingen, RaiderZ' first major city.

Episode 3: Major Crafting

Playing a Defender, I'm able to wear special armor that the other three classes simply can't. However, if I utilize my skill tree correctly, I could end up being a plated Sorcerer or even a Defender who uses Cleric spells. It really all depends on what I want to do and RaiderZ does give you that freedom. The rest of the episode goes much deeper so check it out and give me your feedback!

I hope this one made you all smile while still giving you the information you need!

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