Sunday, August 26, 2012

Razing with RaiderZ: Episode 4

It's time for another episode of Razing with RaiderZ and this episode focuses on the lush environment of Rengot Village. Beautiful as it may look, the area is filled with the game's first real tough monsters. If you can make it to the end though, you're rewarded with a monstrous boss fight, something you've got to see to believe!

Episode 4: Ravaging Rengot

Rengot Village is definitely what I consider the true beginning to the game. It's the first real area that presents a significant challenge and pretty much requires you to group up at some point. Just like anything, if you're having problems you can go back to questing to level up, grab more materials to craft better equipment, etc. Whatever you need to do to get to the Goblin Golem - do it. The fight is really a lot of fun.

I'm thinking there will be at least two more episodes before we wrap up the closed beta with RaiderZ. So c'mon back in a couple days and I'll have episode five all set which is going to focus on team mechanics and the hardest boss I've faced yet, the Master of the Garden.

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