Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dynasty Warriors 7 with Xtreme Legends update headed to Steam?

Earlier today, the Steam news feed divulged an update for Dynasty Warriors 7. Normally this wouldn't mean much except that DW7 isn't currently available in any other region than China. While still not having been formally announced for North America either, this update has fans surprised it even exists and wondering whether we'll actually see an English version of the world's favorite historical hack and slasher.

Being the Dynasty Warriors aficionado I am, last year DW7 took me by complete surprise. The quality and renovations behind the game were simply astounding, which I covered in my review. Over the years the series became an insipid husk of its former self, but DW7 cut the cancerous limbs from its shell and reinvigorated the franchise by actually making it *gasp* fun. I mean, they actually added online co-operative multiplayer. Crazy, isn't it?

While we can't exactly tell what Tecmo Koei is up to at this time, I'd imagine that something is in the works. The game is out and working on PCs after all, just not in our native language. This makes matters humorous though.

You see, back when the game released Tecmo Koei didn't include a language option to switch between English and Japanese voice-overs. After an ample amount of ruckus, the option to switch audio became available via free DLC.

Well? Let's get going Warriors community!

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