Thursday, September 6, 2012

Enter the Dark Souls: Oolacile midnight livestream

With two livestreams down, it's time for us to visit the dreaded new content of Oolacile in Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition. The journey thus far has been long, strenuous and rather humorous at times, but on Saturday at midnight we venture into the malicious unknown with only you as our support. This isn't going to bode well, is it?

So here it is, the moment people have been waiting for; Oolacile. While I have yet to have anything huge spoiled for me, I only know of the Sanctuary Guardian, Artorias and some very angry black dragon due to speaking with Namco Bandai's Andrew Davis directly. While any of those things are hardly a spoiler, I'm anticipating the new location and discovering the secrets it holds. My inevitable deaths are also something to look forward too, or so I'm told.

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die livestream

Watch live video from infestedandy's chamber of game on

The biggest thing for me regarding Dark Souls was the feeling I received after finishing the game. It was over. I'd discovered every area, vanquished all the monsters and found a good majority of the secret items. Sure, I still could play through again and again on new game plus, but that initial feeling of entering the unknown was gone forever. Now that the Prepare to Die Edition new content is right on my fingertips, I simply can't wait to dive back into this mysterious world that I won't know anything about.

Come share the experience at midnight on Saturday, September 8th! Either watch here or head on over to the official Twitch TV channel and make sure you interact with us! I'll have two very special guests, one of which you'll be familiar with if you watched previous livestreams. So what are you doing Saturday night? That's right, watching this stream!

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