Saturday, September 15, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2: Weekly Challenge - Traps are so Cool

Over the past two weeks we've been subjected to Sorceress filled challenges with little to no traps at our disposal. This week we go back to the War Mage and make up for the lack of traps with a map called, Traps are so Cool. You know they are.

Weekly Challenge Map 5: Traps are so Cool

This particular map had me utilizing a strategy I employed over the course of the actual campaign. If anything, this challenge shows you how a few well placed Barricades can make all the difference in the world. Just make sure you can stop those sappers before they reach them!

It's nice to go back to a trap oriented challenge and I'm anxious to see what Robot cooks up next week. As always, feel free to leave any comments and/or suggestions and stop back in for another round!

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