Thursday, September 20, 2012

RaiderZ launch date officially unveiled

It's official! In a short amount of time you'll be back in the monster-ridden world of Rendel, slaying those epic beasts like it's nobody's business.

Today, via the RaiderZ Facebook page, the open beta (aka launch) date was revealed to the public. Come October 24th, you'll be hacking and slashing your way to the gear of your dreams along with plenty of untimely deaths! You can sign up for an account right over here.

To celebrate this news, RaiderZ is also taking 50% off of its Founder's Pack deal, which is normally a whopping $60. If you participated in the closed beta and liked the game, you should support it by jumping on this pretty nice deal.

$30 for a piece of paper, a stone, a cat headband and a bloodthirsty mount from the abyss? Sounds good to me.

Know next to nothing about RaiderZ? Check out our Razing with RaiderZ informative videos and get ready for the launch on October 24th!

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