Friday, September 14, 2012

Senior Producer Mark Hill talks RaiderZ, the closed beta and why you should give the game a try

Massively multiplayer online games are practically everywhere nowadays. With the pollution being so thick, the average gamer is typically apprehensive about jumping into anything in the genre. Why? Blame it on start up costs, monthly fees and that dreaded word - grinding. While it isn't here to be the end all of the MMO, Perfect World and MAIET Entertainment's RaiderZ is attempting something much different. In a rather comprehensive interview, Senior Producer on RaiderZ, Mark Hill, sits down with us and talks about the closed beta, what they're hoping to change and perhaps why there's no good reason to not give RaiderZ a try.

Mark Hill interview

During the closed beta, I devised a small series called Razing with RaiderZ that showcased some of the things the world of Rendel offered. If you happened to miss out on the five episode series, check it out!

What would you say if I told you this frog creature leaps about 500 feet into the air and can come crashing down on you? Yeah, it totally can.

Being completely free to play, RaiderZ offers a AAA-production budget, something no free to play MMO has ever done. The same model will also be followed with the widely anticipated Neverwinter. Now, having played the game for an extensive amount of time, I can say that there's definitely things RaiderZ can improve on. However, there's also quite a bit it does right and that includes the material dropping system ala Monster Hunter. Ever wondered why chainmail dropped off that spider? Not in RaiderZ! You actually earn rare materials to craft the grear you want by going out into the world and killing monsters.

RaiderZ is slated to go into open beta in the next few months, which is essentially the launch of the game. There's so catches so give it a try. Maybe it's your thing, maybe it isn't. Whatever the case, there's nothing to lose!

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  1. Informative interview, could use some work on the audio clipping.

    1. Thank you for that!

      Mark was in a conference room, so some of the editing was a little tricky due to the echo. I'll try a more direct approach next time!