Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Indie Affliction: Discover Arakion and its ambitious Kickstarter campaign

Chris Taylor (no, not THAT Chris Taylor) has been within the games industry for some time now. Having worked on various major projects that are still under NDA, he obtains the required skill set to create his very own world; one he calls Arakion. Set in the style of games like Legend of Grimrock, Arakion ditches the conventional style of role-playing games in favor of a more unique feel. To help explain even more, Chris Taylor takes the time out of his busy schedule to answer some stirring questions about the game and reveals some exciting upcoming events.

Chris Taylor interview

The world of Arakion is going to be a pretty big place. From undiscovered caverns to dense forests, there's a clear reason why you want to bother checking out every inch of the world. Besides its surprisingly beautiful look (already!), taking the time to explore can net you blueprints for ancient weapons and allies you might never meet. Clearly, Chris wants this world to feel alive.

Looking pretty good for a game that isn't close to being complete.

In the interview above, Chris also stresses the importance of customization without the derivative leveling systems in typical RPGS. While you'll never find boots or a belt off of a giant crab, you might find something like materials to craft what you need back in town - which also plays a pivotal role in the grand scheme of things.

To keep it short, towns are something you're going to be able to build to your liking. By doing so you'll attract other types of allies/creatures who can come to assist you on your quest - not so unlike Bastion, which granted passive abilities and upgrades as you progressed further into the story. Arakion's denizens can even come to your aid. Depending on how well you do, specific allies can reveal story elements you otherwise would never hear which can also change the ending of the game.

To help showcase Arakion to the world, Chris Taylor is granting us with an exclusive look into the world. Whether we broadcast this via livestream is still up in the air, but regardless, you'll see get an extensive look at how Arakion will play. Look for news in the next week or so!

It's an exciting time to be a part of Kickstarter projects like this one. Though it'll take some amount of time before you'll see the end result, you come out knowing that you've helped build what could become the next great indie game. In the meanwhile, head on over to Arakion's Kickstarter page and give it a solid backing.

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  1. Very interesting interview ! Thanks !

    1. Thank you for listening!

      I'm pretty excited about Arakion and when Chris gets that prototype ready, we're talking about doing a livestream. So make sure you're around for it to ask him some questions.