Monday, September 10, 2012

This Mark of the Ninja trailer is full of ninjas and... Ninja Gaiden boxart?

To celebrate Mark of the Ninja's release, Klei Entertainment has produced a never before seen trailer that gives a little background to the premise of the game. Something about ninjas and a toxin in a plant that gives you superpowers. While that's totally rad, I'm having a hard time averting my eyes from that striking Ninja Gaiden photo. Yeah, you should definitely check this game out.

New Mark of the Ninja trailer

Crazy as that trailer might have been, you may have noticed the picture for the article is based on the original Ninja Gaiden box art for the NES. I mean, how could you not!? Creative Director Jeff Agala is quite creative indeed.

Mark of the Ninja is available now via Xbox Live Arcade for 1200 Microsoft Golden Sombreros.

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