Friday, September 21, 2012

Torchlight II midnight livestream

Looking for the next great hack and slasher? Diablo III get you down? Don't worry, because Torchlight II is finally here! Whether it'll be your saving grace or just another time-sink, that's up for you to decide and what better way than a full on livestream? Join us, tonight at midnight for all you need to know about Torchlight II!

Watch live video from infestedandy's chamber of game on

The launch of Torchlight II has been a little shaky with the multiplayer servers presenting a tough time to log in and play with friends. Playing alone isn't a problem though, so hopefully everything will be in order when we kick the stream off tonight at midnight (EST).

You can check the stream out right here or on our official Twitch TV channel. Bring your friends and your questions 'cause we're going to have a pretty damn good time!

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