Thursday, October 11, 2012 celebrates first 'pay what you want' sale with Divinity series

It seems to be a common theme amongst indie distribution sites and hallowed Humble Indie Bundles, but the whole 'pay what you want' theme, quite simply, never gets old. Following the popular trend, has committed to offering Larian Studios' Divine Divinity (and possibly more) for the low cost of 'whatever.'

To start, no matter what you pay, you'll receive Divine Divinity for your coin. If you beat the ever changing average price, you'll be rewarded with Beyond Divinity. If you tack on a bit more than the average (also ever changing) you'll then be handed a copy of Divinity II: Developer's Cut which costs $19.99 for normal pre-orders and doesn't release until October 18th. As of this moment, you can get everything for $16.06. I'd say it's a hell of a deal!

Larian Studios talks GOG

To further augment GOG's first 'pay what you want' event, buying this Divinity Anthology nets you four soundtracks with over two hours of the music from the games. It also comes with some developer diaries as well as wallpapers fans will surely appreciate. Also, you'll gain access to Divinity II: Developer's Cut before it releases on the 18th and, if enough people pick this up, Larian will slowly unlock bonus content on the site including a tech demo of their first, albeit abandoned game The Lady, the Mage, and the Knight.

So there you go! Head on over to, pick up the Divinity Anthology for a relatively low price or just pick up Divine Divinity for whatever you wish to part with! Just make sure you buy it before 1am GMT or all will be lost! I want to see this tech demo, so get moving people.

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