Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Interview: Arcen Games talks A Valley Without Wind 2

When Arcen Game's A Valley Without Wind launched earlier this year, it wasn't welcomed into the hearts of gamers everywhere. Instead, the overly ambitious game found itself faced with a slew of mixed reviews, both fair and some... not so much. Regardless of your position on the game, Christopher Park, the founder of Arcen Games has a lot to say and is rewarding those who had faith in the game with a free sequel. Hear what he has to say.

Christopher Park interview about AVWW2, Shattered Haven and why Final Fantasy VI is the best

Park is a very fun guy to speak to, not just because he's out there making games for everybody to play, but because he's a gamer himself and understands the kinds of things that give a game personality. He's also very humble when it comes to talking about what his games do well and what they need to improve on. Maybe that's why I'm so excited for AVWW 2.

If you don't want to listen to the interview (and you should), I'll try and break some of the information down. AVWW 2 is happening about a year after the first game and is really not going to be tied to it at all. What I mean is, the normal stuff you know from AVWW will transfer over fine, but the characters you're playing, the environments and the gameplay will be drastically different this time around.

This is just a very early glimpse of what you could be dealing with.

The game isn't going to be infinite anymore, giving it a more focused feel. It's also going to find itself stepping into a more Metroid-esque role by taking away complete free-form movement. While this sounds like a bad thing, in the interview Park makes the point that monsters and gameplay are based around what the player can do and by concentrating more on Metroid-like mechanics, the experience overall will shine brighter.

City-building will play a more major role this time around and RPG functions will also be more prevalent in the sequel. Talents, perks, classes, there's a lot to choose from and with a significantly upgraded visual style, courtesy of Heavy Cat Studios, AVWW 2 is looking more and more like the game I wanted the first one to be.

There's a lot more to talk about in the coming months and, if you already have the first game, expect to freely participate in the beta of AVWW 2 sometime in November. Until then, expect more news as it comes and a livestream to follow the launch of the beta!

Oh and I forgot to mention, Pablo Vega will be returning with his elite skills in the musical department. Just listen to this! C'mon!

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