Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2: Weekly Challenge - Into The Void

Fun as these challenges are, there hasn't been one that's provided a significant slap to the face... until now. Without a doubt, the Into The Void map is the toughest of the challenges and we'll show you how to survive the onslaught of orcs. Kinda.

Weekly Challenge Map 9: Into The Void

The Void Wall is one of those traps that's really only able to be fully utilized if built around. It's a neat trap, but it definitely doesn't work very well on most maps. This challenges requires use of it to succeed, but the real secret is Barricade placement as well as thinking of the mine-carts running around everywhere. Without those two vital items, this map would be impossible.

It's neat that no weapons are useable in this challenge, meaning that you'll need to play a conservative role when it comes to your mana. The Flame Bracer, Wind Belt and Ice Amulet are your only means of attack and they all can use a significant amount of mana if you're not careful. In the video you'll see how one person must use their skills to overcome such odds, but the real secret? Just bring a friend along.

While it is technically possible for one person to beat this challenge, bringing a friend in was obviously what the challenge was built around. Moving forward, I think future challenges should be completable by one or two people without having to sacrifice huge amounts of rift points.

As always, head on back next week for another dose of challenge!

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