Saturday, October 27, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2: Weekly Challenge - Perfect Servant

On this week's Orcs Must Die! 2 Weekly Challenge, we discover the glory of electricity and skeletons. Specifically, the Bone Amulet and Polymorph Ring make their first appearance in a particularly well-crafted map.

Weekly Challenge Map 11: Perfect Servant

The Bone Amulet has always been one of my favorites, but sometimes it can be hard to choose it since there's quite a few mana-using weapons that are amazing. In this particular scenario, the bone golems it conjures up prove to be the most valuable asset to your arsenal. I also have been a big fan of the Polymorph Ring since it can save you, big time, when faced with tough enemies in impossible situations.
Keep em' coming Robot! As always you can expect more next week and thanks for checking us out!

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