Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Welcome to the portfolio of yours truly!

Currently, I'm a freelance writer with a specialty in interviews! Check out my professional portfolio here!

Heyo everybody! My name is Andrew Whipple III, video gaming journalist extraordinaire! Now that I've been bouncing around between several different organizations, it's high time that I throw all my work into one, easy to reach place. If not for your benefit to observe all my work, than for myself to help showcase a sort of portfolio composed of nothing but incredibleness. Ahem, yeah that's right.

The name above this post represent the places I've written for. By clicking on any of them, you'll be taken to a repository of all my work for that specific website. I've even taken the liberty to organize it all. Hurray!

I will continue to add to this website every time one of my articles or pieces of work become published. Even when I eventually land a more permanent job somewhere this website will be perpetually updated.

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