Squandering THQ's assets and how Nintendo failed us
2012 Portable Gaming Charts indicate mobile games already surpass 3DS, Vita
Ninja Gaiden's future rests with the letter Z
Contemporary woes and how Castlevania: Mirror of Fate can aid the franchise
Your Opinion Is Wrong: The Last of Us
Your Opinion Is Wrong: Diablo III
Your Opinion Is Wrong: Denis Dyack
Your Opinion Is Wrong: Killzone: Shadow Fall
Lords of Xulima melds the very best with the fairly new


The One True Ong-Bak Tri Interview
Panzar: The Fantasy MOBA You Never Knew
Ironclad Tactics with creator Zach Barth
Lichdom: Battlemage with Xaviant
WildStar with Carbine Studios' President Jeremy Gaffney
Tetropolis with NextGen Pants' Bob Webb
Secret Ponchos with Switchblade Monkey's Caley Smyth
Hyper Light Drifter with Heart Machine
Chasm with Discord Games' James Petruzzi
Shovel Knight with Yacht Club Games' Sean Velasco
Dungeon Defenders 2 with Trendy Entertainment
Orcs Must Die! Unchained with Robot Entertainment
Dungeon of the Endless with Amplitude Studios
Source with Fenix Fire's Brian McRae
A.N.N.E. with Gamesbymo's Mo Broots
Grey Goo with Petroglyph's Andrew Zoboki


Sanctum 2 / Video Review
Expeditions: Conquistador / Video Review
Soundtrack Review: Expeditions: Conquistador (Leonardo Badinella)
The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 2: A House Divided
Zombie B.C.
Killzone: Shadow Fall


Top 5 PS4 announcements that will win us over (and five that won’t)
7 reasons why the industry needs Shovel Knight
Top 15 Games of the Generation (2005 - 2013) #4 - #1
Top 15 Games of the Generation (2005 - 2013) #9 - #5
Top 15 Games of the Generation (2005 - 2013) #15 - #10


PAX 2014 Wrap-Up: Day 1 & 2
PAX 2014 Wrap-Up: Day 3
Warframe: Braving the Depths of Warframe
Guncraft: Exato Games Strikes Back
Insurgency 2: Bullets for Everyone
Conclave livestream demonstration with creator Nick Branstator
A.N.N.E. livestream with creator Mo Broots / Video
Sanctum 2 livestream with Coffee Stain Studios / Video
Just Tactics livestream with Jordan Brock (Hit the Sticks) / Video
Expeditions: Conquistador livestream with Logic Artists / Video
Conclave: Legacy of the Dweller livestream with Nick Branstator (10x10 Room) / Video
The Walking Dead: 400 Days complete playthrough
Leviathyn Unboxes the Fabled Neverwinter Noble's Chest
Odallus: The Dark Call with Joymasher / Video
Shadow of the Eternals with Precursor Games / Denis Dyack / Video
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 / Video

Chamber of Game

Sanctum 2: Road to Elysion DLC / Video
Sanctum 2: Ruins of Brightholme DLC
Magrunner: Dark Pulse / Video
Final Exam
Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition *Editor's Choice
State of Decay: Breakdown
Super Mario 3D World
Smallworld 2
Sanctum 2: The Last Stand
The Walking Dead: Season 2 - Episode 1: All That Remains
Broken Age
Spellforce 2: Demons of the Past
Infested Planet

League of Leviathyn

Episode 1: Terror in the Top Lane / Post-game Analysis
Episode 2: A Series of Unfortunate Events / Post-game Analysis
Episode 3: Blade of Dismay / Post-game Analysis
Episode 4: Kings of Slam / Post-game Analysis
Episode 5: All About ARAM / Post-game Analysis
Episode 6: Never Go Through That Wall / Post-game Analysis

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